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i was driving on the highway with my lights on listening to music and all of a sudden the music cut out. then i looked at the tach and it said 0 rpm. so i thought the car was killed. i tried to restart it and turns out the car was still running. then i noticed the speedometer was going crazy, and my odometer had stopped working? i turned off the headlights and got back the stereo and speedometer, then i put it on running lights and i lost the stereo and the speedometer started going crazy again. i got the car home and turned it off and started it again and it sounded like the battery was struggling, but it did start. turned it off again and did the same thing, battery still sounded like it was struggling.

i'm so confused i don't know where to start looking for problems. any ideas?
i need to drive home tonight (2.5 hours drive) and i need to know if the car is safe to drive or not.

oh man, its gonna be a long night.

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