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so i start doing my wire tuck and i put everything back together now the car cranks but wont turn on, when i turn on the ignition i dont hear the sound of the fuel pump, i removed the bolt from the fuel rail to see if any gas will come out but no gas... i have a Waldro Fuel Pump.. could miss wiring the injectors cause this or not put it in the right place?? the fuel pump was working fine 4 month ago when i started to work on the car i havent touch it since them....

i also removed the Carbon Canister.. but the hose where never cut or removed is still there i will remove that later but could that be part of the problem?? any fuse i should check or something.. thanks

any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

here is a pic of the car:

and the mod list

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
D16y8 Motor obd2a
Powered By: Greddy Turbo Kit @15psi
Greddy Blow Off
Greddy Intercooler
Waldro Fuel Pump
Dsm 450 Injectors
Vitara PIstons
Tuner Toys Rod
Arp Head Bolds
Arp Rod bolts
3" Straight pipe with 2 resonator
Apexis Exhaust
stage 2 clutch
stock flywheel
p28 ecu chipped in chrome
obd2a to obd1 convertion harness
AVID Racing motor mount kit
Energy suspension shift bushing

Suspension Modifications:
drop about 3" with dropzone coil overs

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
enkies j10

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Ctr Black Headlights
Chargespeed front lip
Si Grill
red and white taillights
seibon carbon fiber hood
red h emblem in the trunk
rear skunk2 strut bar
CTR front greddy neuspeed bar

SI cluster
VAFC controller
aem Boost gauges
aem Fuel and air gauge
Ep3 Seats

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well yea i check the main box right next to the battery and the fuse is fine The FI E/M fuse... i guess i will have to double check my injectors wire which is going to be a mission because is all tape up after the wire tuck.. but if thats causing the problem i guess i will redo the whole wire, i hope is not tho... how can i check if is something else before i do this?

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Is that the only problem you are having? I hate ta sound like a broken record, but it sounds like either a wiring problem or a Fuse.... Take a multimeter to the fuel pump see if ur getting 12V, If not.. start back tracking all the way back to the ECU
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