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Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Alright i just got one of those ebay fuel pressure regulators, and i was wondering if any of you would know if it is even worth putting it on my car? i got a almost stock d15b7, and i want more power but im also gonna be useing this with my d16z6 swap. let me know the swap is soon.

P.S is a d16z6 swap worth it? or is there any other D series swap i should do thats resonable price for good power if the d16z6 dosent fall through. let me know thanks.
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not needed
You might aswell put it on if you bought it....................
I'm guessing you didn't buy one and your looking for adivise on if you should buy one or not with your setup, possible z6 swap in the future.

even though your stock, I still think a b&m gauge and FPR are great investments.
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