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Step 1: Check you injectors and be sure that they are the right application for your car.

Step 2: If so supplied, place the new 'o' rings on to the inlet side of the injector.

Step 3: Place a very light coat of oil or other lubricating oil on to the injector 'o' ring.

Step 4: Press the injector into the fuel rail. We found that if you gently twist as you are pressing the injector in, you will get a better result.

Step 5: If you press to hard or sometimes if you press directly in without twisting, you can pinch the 'o' ring.

Step 6: You will know it has been pinched if it feels as if it didn't 'press' into place. This causes damage to the 'o' ring If damage occurs, you will need to change out the 'o' ring.

Step 8: Reinstall your fuel rail onto the vehicle.
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