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FS: SC sold my car, parts left over!

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Hey guys, I sold my civic so here are the parts I have laying around that I dont need anymore, everything is listed below with prices and will probably go on ebay before the weekend if they dont sell. Prices dont include shipping but that can be arranged if needed

2 Kicker competition 10's in a Kicker competition ported box paid $290 brand new 6 months ago, never abused--$100

Idle Air Control Valve, came off my 98 ex, it was suspected of having problems, turned out it was just dirty so I cleaned it out and it was good as new--$20

Altezza Tails came with the car I have no use for them will fit 96-00 Coupes--$30

Red 9mm plug wires, came off the car when I bought it, no problems or cracks I am assuming they will fit 96-00 SOHC and may Fit earlier SOHC as well--$15
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just sent a pm regarding the lca's, i may want the iacv also...
yo, payment sent, thank's again... Brian

oh ya, the lower control arm's are sold to ME!! yea...

and thank you for the tip on cleaning my I.A.C.V., no more surging and it runs way better... :TU:
hell ya, i got the lower control arms today...

im hitting you up with some itrader... :TU:
1 - 3 of 29 Posts