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I have a few valve covers sitting around that need a new home. These were powdercoated for customers, but then they went MIA and we weren't able to contact them. Located near Seattle, WA and require paypal payment. PM me if interested.

- D16Z6 (D16Y7/8 ) SOHC VTEC valve cover. Powdercoated super durable gloss red with bare metal lettering. No gaskets or external parts included. $85 shipped in US.

- 1996+ B18B/B20 DOHC Non-vtec valve cover. Powdercoated orange sun pearl and includes matching spark plug wire cover. Hardware included for spark plug wire cover. The pictures don't do this color justice, there is a lot of yellow/gold pearl so in the sunlight it really pops. Can include different color spark plug wire color if interested. $115 shipped in US.


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