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I have a good working PM6 ECU, out of a crx si.

75 dollars OBO.

I also have a Engine Harness, Its consist of the two white/clear plugs on the passanger's wheel well by the shock tower. To the rest of the intake manifold plugs.

25 dollars OBO.

And a Si throttle cable.

15 dollars OBO.

Everything is Or best offer cuase i don't really have a need for these cuase my DX hatch was supposed to be DPFI but is MPFI. So these are perfect for a Dual Point Fuel Injection to a Multi Point Fuel Injection.

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so is the wire harness complete or just strut tower plugs and intake manifold plugs????

i might be interested if its complete

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What are you looking for, and i will tell you if its there.

I could take VERY complex pictures later on tonight.. thank you
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