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93 DX 5-Speed Transmission
around 80K on it, no grinds, works well, just sitting in my garage because I can't use it in my car (i have a cable tranny, this is hydro)

88-91 4-door Extreme Bumper
fiberglass, never been used, just sitting in my garage, can fit a HB with minor modification

1991 D16A6 Block
has everything there, crank needs resurfacing on one surface, 3 good rods/pistons, one rod bent and the bearing surface of rod and cap need resurfacing, cylinder walls need honing, everything else good

1991 Si Transmission
needs work, locked up from lack of oil, just need to take out of my car

1991 Stock shifter
don't expect to sell it but its worth putting up, just took out of my car, will even clean it up to make it look pretty

everything but the Si tranny is in San Antonio, TX, Si is in College Station
Pictures available on request

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Do you know if the tranny will wok for all D-series with hydro tranny's? I have a 97 EX, and need a tranny bad, I don't have 2nd gear. If it will work I want it and will pay for shipping. Let me know.
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