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I'm selling a 50 A/R compressor housing as well as a brand new GT28 Tial housing with all associated V-bands and flanges.

GT2871R CHRA: Sold
T04E 50A/R M12 Compressor housing: $75
Tial SS Exhaust housing w/all accessories: $400

Contact me via PM or email: [email protected]
Located in FT. Benning GA

The tial housing;

This was purchased new as a kit with all the flanges and V-bands needed for fabricating a manifold and downpipe. These cost a bit more than normal V-bands and V-band flanges because they have a small lip that lock them together. No others will work with the housing.

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Garrett T04E 50 A/R Compressor housing:
This is the compressor housing that the turbo came with when I purchased it. I realize potential buyers may not have a use for it and therefore I am offering it as a cheap add-on rather than requiring a buyer of the CHRA to purchase it as well.


full specs here:

As the PDF describes the cartridge came with the 743347-2 and 743347-4 turbos straight from Garrett. Below is a summary and details of each turbo:

* Ball bearing
* Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
* Direct replacement upgrade turbocharger for GT2860RS (739548-1)
* Comes as a kit; end housings are not assembled onto CHRA
* 743347-4 features a low boost actuator adjustable down to 6 psi
* 743347-2 features a high boost actuator adjustable down to 12 psi
* T25 turbine inlet flange
* Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints
* Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 475 hp
* Ideal for twin-turbo applications on medium size engines making up to 800 hp

Now with that out of the way, the turbo itself I bought used to be an upgrade for my GT2860RS but ended up deciding to swap motors instead. When I purchased the turbo it was described as having less than 2000 miles on it and never leaking/blowing oil.

The condition of the turbo reflects this information, all of the compressor and turbine blades look to be in great shape and there is zero shaft play.

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free bump. love that exh housing


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That is cheap. I would love to get a turbo like this for my 240.

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I tossed the TiAL housing up on ebay to see if that would help me sell it. Price is greatly reduced for the auction, check it out:
TiAL Stainless Steel V-Band Turbine Housing GT25/GT28 | eBay

$325 for it all, that's cheap!

* Aprox. 33% turbo weight reduction
* Cast stainless steel provides a beautiful smooth finish inside and out
* Full V-Band utilization eliminates the need for bolts and gaskets
* V-Band inlet design allows for pivoting of the turbo to aid clearance issues and tight fits
* Overall turbine housing size is smaller while maintaining greater strength

Buy it!
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