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I sold my ZC powered hatch, so its time to let go of the collection of parts I have had for years. Lots of other things available, but the ZC parts are probably of the most interest to the D series folks.
Located in BC Canada, we could organize shipping at the buyers cost, but would much rather meet up the WA/BC border if needed.

If you want better pictures of an item or a better description, let me know. If you think my pricing is out of line, let me know and find me some comparables, Open to offers, but most of this stuff is really hard to find.

DOHC ZC valve cover 125.00 - I have one left. Needs to be painted.

DOHC ZC Timing Covers upper and lower set - 250

JG DOHC ZC Cam Gears - 225 - I bought these from the original run on theZCR. Black.

DOHC ZC RS*R Header - 500 - Very good condition. Not flat on the bottom. Only the second one I have ever seen even on line, and the only one I have ever seen in person.

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