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FS: d16y8 head damaged (different one) anything y8

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-this is not one of the good heads i am selling...this one = fuked up
-60 bucs shipped OBO
-its a complete head with valve cover and all dist, intake manifold
-downside: it was given to me ...friend said he used the wrong timing belt so the cam grinded against the head where the cam seal is located and now its rough as hell. Might be fixable...good if you need all the valvetrain parts and valves etc etc

give me offers if you think its too much...just remember shipping is a grip

ALSO ....aything you need from a y8 ...i have distributor, ecu, intake manifold...etc etc...

block has a spun rod bearing if anyone is interested.....these parts ARE LEGIT....he decided to swap a gsr so i get all these for helping him do the swap

pm me if interested

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FYI, I just bought a set of intake rocker arms and they arrived just when he said they would... krAzySi is a good seller.
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