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i have about 7 or 8 bobble heads and a few starting line up sets

classic doubles starting line ups (2000) jim thome and sean casey - 10
classic doubles starting line ups (1998) jaromir jagir and tom barrasso- 8
play makers (2002) randy johnson - 8 (he is now a diamondback again so makes it rare)
play makers (2003) mlb edition alex rodriguez -8
Collection series hand painted pedro martinez (box is a little messed up bobble head fine) -5
Collection series hand painted Ichiro -8
Collection series hand painted Kurt Warner (rams nfl) -5
Bobble dobbles ( ) Tori Hunter - 10
Bobble dobbles ( ) Charles Woodson- 10

thats 72 dollars in bobble heads (for what i want) if someone wants all the items listed they can have them all for 60 cash (plus shipping) ill get pics of these up tonight or tomorrow
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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