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FS: b7 head, OEM airbox, GeForce 6800

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EDIT (03/19/07) - lowered price on the graphics card again, everything else is still any reasonable offer for a sale

I'm not setting prices on any of these, so you can just post or PM me an offer and a zip code to get a final asking price.

b7 Cylinder Head w/ Valve cover
I did a mini-me a while ago, so this isn't too much use for me. It's the original had with a little under 91k miles on it. The engine ran perfectly for the time this head was part of it. I can throw in spark plugs and even my old head bolts if you'd like.

I had to salvage the coolant temperature sensor from this head for mine.

One of the studs came off with the nut when I removed the manifold. I'm including that as well.
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OEM b7 airbox w/ cheap paper filter

OEM speaker grilles from a 93 DX hatch

OEM b7 spark plug wires

BFG GeForce 6800GS OC 256MB AGP8X/4X
This is the only one I care about getting a good amount of money for. I spent 2 or 3 months trying to get this thing to work with my computer... I tried everything I could think of, and I concluded that it was an incompatibility with my motherboard (Chaintech 7NJL6). I even RMA'd it and got the same symptoms as before (this obviously is the second card). It costs $170 from NewEgg, and I paid another $45 to try to get it to work... I'd take $95 for it.


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I know some of these parts are dirty, and I鈥檒l gladly clean them off before I ship them. Also, more pictures are available on request.
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Wish I had the extra cheese right now for that nice vid card... Free bump!
Dammit, I want that vid card but I'm saving to replace my engine..... I'll think about it, I'm still running a 9700 PRO and it's become a dog in new games.
final bump before I try ebay or whatever...

I'm going back to school in a week and a half, and I don't think my roommate would appreciate a cylinder head and airbox sitting in the corner of the room...
how much for the airbox..?
pm replied... thank you...
will you ship the head to maryland?
air box price?
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