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1991 Honda CRX
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All parts are located near Seattle, WA. PM if you are interested in any of these parts.

- OBD2A to OBD1 ECU conversion harness adapter. Brand is Phanectric, and is really good quality. Newer and works just fine, just don't have a need for it right now. SOLD

- OBD1 F22B1 Honda Accord Distributor. It has the internal coil (Hitachi). It's used but works perfectly fine, I just decided to keep my other distributor since it was newer. $40 Shipped USPS Priority

- Flowmaster High-Flow Catalytic Converter. This is a real Catalytic Converter, not just a hallow tube with some fiberglass. It is a metal core, which can flow a lot more than a standard ceramic core. I used it on my turbo DOHC ZC, I made great power and was able to pass emissions testing. My CRX is now emissions exempt, and it is mostly a race car now so I have no need for this anymore. It is about 12" in length and has 3" inlet/outlet with an overall diameter of 4" so it very compact. $60 Shipped

- AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller FIC-6. SOLD


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