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92 dx hatch
jdm gsr ecu
jdm gsr engine
jdm gsr lsd transmission
tenzo R intake
custom catback
brand new zex kit (with a 55 shot)
dc short shifter with urthane bushings
brand new dropzone struts
brand new dropzone drop springs
new sprint camber kit
one new axel
new inter and outer tire rods ends
new aframe bushings
drilled rotors
new brakes
new wires
new ngk plugs (cold for the zex kit)
new jdm amber coners
new spoon mirrors not the m3's that r in the pics
new carpet
integra full dash swap with console and kick panels
95 ex seats
im sure there more parts on it thats all i can think of ... but the car is very very fast ..there are no check engine lights everthing runs perfect.. now for the bad the car does need some body work nothing to bad (ill get some pics )its does have a crack in the winshield needs a right cv axle.. the car does not have all 4 17' wheels on it... they need tires bad due to driving it before i got it aligned ... i just got it done last week at sears.. .... asking $4800 obo

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i have a friend who would probably trade him his 98 ex coupe. type k interior. it should be done getting painted this week. pm me if you think he is interested. and ill try to get some pics by the end of the week.
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