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ok i'm trying again price has been lowered

selling my civic its a 00 EX
body has 111000 miles
the motor got barely 60 000miles

the car had been stolen so its actually a "salvage" but never got into accident or anything i rebuited it myself and lots of people will tell you that

to show you how i treat the car i NEVER EVER got a ticket in this car and no accident. i work for a driving school so i DO know how to drive the car and had been my baby for EVER...

when i bought the car 2 years ago it was ALL stock...
the front end just got repainted last december
couple rock chips because the cars is so low


skunk2 short shifter
hps brake pads
powerslot disk brake
black steelies
brand new tires BFgoodrich g sport
Cwest front bumper
rear buddy club bumper
si tail light
CTR DIY headlight
5% tinted windows
new water pump
new timing belt
gsr shiftknob
ingals rear camber kit

black slipstream (300 extra comes with tires)

all that for 6500 OBO

+ i have a full Greddy turbo kit set up... that is not on the car...

the kit is fully the only thing you need is an extension for the 02 sensor($25.00) and tap the oil pan...

with turbo i'll let go for 7000 OBO

the car is in great condition

i have a son now and need to buy something bigger and more comfy
PM me

please no low ballers

please remember the car has now CTR DIY head light it has steelies (or slips)
and no stikers and the rear bumper is not on


the turbo consist of

450 dsm injectors
resistor box
p28 chip
down pipe
intercool piping
new fuel pump
and more...

i want to sell this...

my email [email protected]
my phone number 7209344910

don't hesitate for question.

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2set of tires
greddy turbo kit
brand new slipstream

bunch of other goodies...

i'm looking at another car right now i need to sell this one...

i'll take any offers...

Mostly the 91 CRX
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have any more pics?

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i'm located in Denver colorado

i will part out the turbo and wheels if the buyer doesn't want them in that case he can pick up the car for 5000

i will take more picture as soon as the snow melt
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