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I have tried MANY versions of Uberdata.
I have bought a new laptop.
I have purchased an Ostrich unit, and have uploaded a working bin.
The car run fine with no CELs.
I have even purchased & setup a PLX R-500 which is datalogging fine.
I did all of this through my own work and research,
But I cannot f ing get Uberdata to datalog. Have spent so much time f ing with it.

Most versions of uberdata, as soon as I select the com port, the damn thing opens 35,000 error windows and doesnt stop till I close Uberdata.
The following describes the best I have gotten out of version 1.70 Stable.

Why is it that depending on which datalogging boxes I check, ( O2, TPS, RPM, etc) it causes others to work, or cease to work?

O2 will read correctly, I check the RPM box, and RPM will only display the correct value if TPS is selected, but selecting TPS causes O2 to not work!!!!!
I cannot get O2 and RPM to function properly when both are selected. But by manipulating other boxes, I can get them to work seperately.

I can only datalog two cells with AF ratios at ZERO RPM because when it is reading AFRs properly the RPM value is stuck at 83, but why does it datalog them in HIGH FUEL tables instead of the LOW FUEL tab?

The LOW FUEL tab is just blank with absolutely no logging going on.

I have imported the P06 bin, since my engine is a D15B7.
The high fuel table goes from 0 RPM to the next row being like 3500 RPM For vtecs. I have no VTEC, which is why I'm using a P06 bin.

I dont want it datalogging there.

Sorry for the long post, but I don't know what to do about this and it's beyong getting frustrating.

Any Help highly appreciated.
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