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The post on our facebook wall was made October 17, go find it and share it. Drawing will be live October 31

Scroll down to rules to skip all the small talk

About 6 weeks ago we've hired on a new sales manger named Adrian, to not only help with online and local sales, but to take up some work on the social media side of things. After 3 weeks in Adrian personally came up to me ( the owner ) of the company and said he was absolutely blown away not only by the local support he had been receiving with orders but a few bigger non local sales he received in the import community . He asked if it would be okay to do a raffle to give away some type of part or credit to say thank you. This is coming out of his own personal pocket to show his gratitude. He still hasn't decided on what to raffle that everyone can use and or find use for . He's tossing the idea of doing a store credit for either parts or labor ( free install, free dyno tune ect.. ) . Since this is coming out of his own pocket its not going to be a huge item like a turbo kit, but its something to give back and say thanks.

Rules : If not followed you will not be entered in to win

***********So in order to be entered into this raffle , all you need to do is like our facebook page and share this post and you will be entered. And for people that have doubts on bull shit raffles, this will be done live on the 31st of October on our facebook, by that time either we'll offer a universal part or let the winner decide what they want ( in the price range given by Adrian )**************
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