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A Complete list on How to find codes on a 1992-1995 Civic And a complete list on what it is.
A way to check codes on your 92-95 Civic.
If you go to the passenger side kick panel and raise the carpet you should see your ecu. Above your ecu there will be a orange boot with 2 plugs. its up there just look, mine was behind the glove box. One has a 3 wire plug and another has a 2 wire plug, you want the 2 wire plug. Make sure the key is off. Now take your inch long wire and burn,cut off some rubber on each side. Put one end of the wire on one side and the other wire on the other side of the plug. Now turn the key on, don't start it. Now watch the check engine light, it will flash. 1 Long flash is 10 and the short flashes are 1. Ex, Blink,Pause,Pause,BlinkBlinkBlink would indicate code 13. Now if you have more then 1 code. Ex. Blink,PausePause,BlinkBlinkBlink(code13). PausePausePausePausePause Blink,PausePause,Blink,PausePause,BlinkBlink(code22.) Then it will start over with the code 13. Theres a longer pause between codes. Now you got your CEL code hop on here and look it up!

1 O2A Oxygen Sensor 1
2 O2B Oxygen Sensor 2
3 MAP Manifold absolute pressure Sensor
4 CKP Crank positioning Sensor
5 MAP Manifold Absolute Sensor
6 ECT Water temperature Sensor
7 TPS Throttle positioning Sensor
8 TDC Top Dead Center Sensor
9 CYP Cylinder Sensor
10 IAT Intake air temperature Sensor
12 EGR Exhaust gas recirculation lift valve
14 BARO Atmospheric temperature Sensor
15 IAC (EACV) Idle air control valve
15 Ignition output signal
16 Fuel Injectors
17 VSS Speed Sensor
19 Automatic transmission lockup control valve
20 Electrical load dector
21 VTEC spool Solenoid valve
22 VTEC (Oil) Pressure valve
23 KS Knock Sensor
30 Automatic transmission A signal
31 Automatic transmission B signal
36 Traction Control (JDM only)
41 Primary Oxygen Sensor
43 Fuel supply system
45 Fuel system is to rich or lean
48 LAF Lean air fuel Sensor
54 CKF Crank fluctuation Sensor
58 TDC Sensor 2
61 Primary oxygen sensor
63 Secondary oxygen sensor
65 secondary oxygen heater Sensor
71 Random misfire cylinder 1
72 Random misfire cylinder 2
73 Random misfire cylinder 3
74 Random misfire cylinder 4

Shock Tower VTEC pinouts

ECU Pinouts

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