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disclaimer: im not responsible if you mess this up, do this at your own discression

the 9005 conversion is basically changing out the low beam bulbs (9006) to a 9005 bulb. this makes the low beams brighter and less yellow tinted.

objective: to swap out the 9006 headlight bulbs with a 9005 bulb.

warning: try your best not to touch the glass part of the bulb. these are halogen bulbs and burn very very hot, any grease, grime, dirt, etc on it doesnt help it any. if you cant avoid it, wipe it off as best you can. i suggest rubbing alcohol.

ok this is pretty straight forward:

locate your low beams.. so incase you didnt know before, the low beams are on the outside

now pop ur hood and find the bulb

easy right?

in the above pic, there is a plastic holder holding the bulb in, grab hold of that thing and rotate it counterclockwise to open it up, dont try and pull it off or anything.

once it is loose, pull the 9006 bulb out. it may take some wiggling. then unplug the clip

ok now if you look down at the 2 bulbs, they have a slight difference.

uh oh the top tabs are different.. the 9006 is like this so people wont mix the bulbs up, in our case making our lives harder.. so i used this bad boy:

to cut the tab down to fit the holder thing... i used the little bump in the base of the 9005 bulb as a 'guide' sorta

now if you look at your new 9005 bulb and the 9006 side by side:

you may notice the 9006 is fatter than the 9005 is at the base. simply take the yellow o-ring off the 9006, and slide it down over the 9005 to fatten it up a bit:

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ok now thats done, take a peek inside the clip end of the bulb...


see the difference? the 9005 has 2 little prongs and the 9006 has 1, again so people dont mix the bulbs up.

now there are 2 options here. option 1 being go to a junkyard, and get the high beam clips off of another ef and solder them in place, or option 2, cut the damn things out

i personally chose option 2 here.. so i equipped my dremel with this:

and then i cut down the 2 prongs to make it like this:

step6: reinstall the bulbs into the headlights and give them a look-see. if you looked at your lowbeams before starting this, then you will notice a difference even in the daytime

and that is it... a very simple swap took me about 20mins to do it including taking pictures.. things i used are my dremel tool with those 2 attatchments and a steak knife.. lol. the dremel tool can be replaced with a sharp knife or something (so you dont even really need tools to do this!! yay!)

enjoy :TU:

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there is a simple way man Snip the harness dat corrisponse (I fuk up in this one) 2 the buld and u know the process solder it and plug and play baby (no clue what i said)
yes, this was option 1 in my write up.. lol
nice !!!!!!!! good free mod !!!!
it actually cost me about 12 dollars for 2 new 9005 bulbs.
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