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It should work. The only thing that's proprietary greddy is the turbine housing.
Housings and parts interchange really well! I have had 4 mitsubishi turbos (1 Greddy TD04HL 15C) and the turbo I have on my car now, is a Td05-5-16G that I got from japan. When I got it in had a t25 flanged 10cm turbine housing which I changed to a Hahn T3 Flanged turbine. I also changed the compressor housing to a 16g eclipse lookalike.
Bottom line... From everything I've seen, the mitsu turbos have lots of interchangeable parts, as long as they're from the same family (Td04, Td05/06, etc) It makes no sense that greddy would re-engineer the rotating assembly and still keep the mitsubishi nomaculture.
If you need to double check, you should call forced performance, slowboy, of Bullseye, or any reputable turbo rebuilder and ask them if they rebuild the greddy turbo's and if the greddy's use the same internal parts as the other mitsubishi.
Also look at the plaque on the compressor housing, there should be a code (td05's is 49178-??-????) If that number is the same as other mitsubishi td04's then that's further confirmation of matching internals.
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