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Flywheel question

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Ok, so I just purchased a new transmission to replace my cx trans. I got the jdm unit (which has the same ratios as the U.S. si unit, right?). Anyway, should I get the stock flywheel milled down to around 12 lbs. or just buy an aftermarket flywheel?
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idk. 7 lb fidanza on a d15b vtec turbo 5.5 psi or so for now.(boost creep) but soon to be 14. with 7.5k rpm shifts i never fall out of vtec. and launching is fine. doesnt bog for me.
with boost by gear and a two step and radials i have no need for slicks i am not impressed with some one who runs on slicks. what your car will do when it is called upon. is what means most. to me.
this of course is not a dedicated race car.
a guy i know runs almost 2 seconds diff with out slicks and still thinks he's the cock's walk.

and i have always wondered, if you like more rotation weight on launch why not put heavy rims on and use a heavy flywheel. its the same theory. more weight is applied using more hp to turn the weight there for using more of the power to turn the now heavier wheels and not give you traction problems.

why not use a light weight flywheel and heavier rims for that matter. .
. i mean if you want to have less of a traction issue. just put on heavy rims . it just doesnt make any sense to me. maybe i just dont get it. =(
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thank you . =) but where is the line of sacrifice
for .002(just a random number) of a second saved in traction could it be made up for with better acceleration and reduced rotation weight? or weight in total.,granted 14lbs isnt gonna be a half second. but on the right set up. wouldnt it be better to have a light flywheel, and what about from a roll?. any advantages?
ahhh. i see
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