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Here are some things that people pay for but there free here:

Please right click save as

Flip Flop Trunk Instructions: flop trunk instructions.doc

Flip Hood Mod mod.pdf

Keyless Doors Install doors install.pdf

S-10 Suicide Door Install suicide door info.pdf

Suicide Doors doors.pdf

Shaved Door Handles Diagrams door

Shaved Door Handles Install door handles.pdf

Shaved Door Handle Faqs doors faq.pdf

I dont remember where I found these but I am compliling a list of do it yourself stuff. Dont know if anyone is looking for this kinda info but its out there and you dont need to buy it off of ebay.

Want access???
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done all those mods over the years ...except flip flop hood and suicide doors ...had an s-10 years ago with shaved handels, body line ,roll pan and tail gate....had a mazda 2200 with the same mods and a cut threw cab to and my civic dont lol has the flip trunk on it .....for shits and giggles
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