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Well my headgasket is on its way out on my y8 so i figured id take this time to rebuild my head since it has to come off any ways. This is going to be my first time ever really building something so im interested in some feed back on my parts list and tips if im forgeting anything.My goals for the overall build will be 200hp boosted dd. Like i said i plan on starting my build with the head then saving for my turbo kit latter.
Parts list for headrebuild
1.head resurfaced claned
2. Cometic mls headgasket 75.5mm .030 thickness...which i think is close to stock
3.Arp headstud kit
4. Bc CAMSHAFT - STAGE 2 Normally Aspirated Street 316I/308E-292D
6.bc valve keepers and locks
7.ferrea 5000 series valves...Std
8.aem truetime cam gear
9.gates timing belt
Thats my parts list i believe i have all i need to do it im curious on valve stems seals though should i replace those too... would like some feedback on my cam choice too. Im at a tossup between cams... i was looking at the blox tuner series 2 would like to hear everyone opinion on them or if i should just stick to bc.
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