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2000 honda civic lx
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~sorry if this is the wrong section~ but...

Finsihing up a mini me swap on a 2000 civic lx. timing is set, valves adjusted etc did first start up idles nice but couple things bother me too much to take it out on a drive. (that and tags expired)

1. I continue to get Vtec system failure (code 22) + Vtec system failure B1? (B1 as in Bank 1 - 02??) The solenoid works grounded to neg and taps to positive and it clicks (don't own a voltmeter yet)

2. I notice the head is drier then what it should normally be oil wise. Almost like very little pressure is getting to the head...when googling this I always come up on the debate of an oil orifice on either the block or one in between cylinders 2/3 on the head under the LMA...didn't want to rip the head off again unless absolutely necessary. I called parts guy at Honda and asked about the oil passage/pin/screw on the y7 block which he said "no - there is not" so now I'm wondering how and where the passages are to the solenoid itself...I can obviously see some of it when valve cover is off. When I take the vtec solenoid completely off the head little to no oil comes out. I mean nearly dry. What am I missing? beginning to think I received the wrong head or just being paranoid (p2j -1 with 00 stamp)

*looking into switching out y7 oil pan/ pickup for ex if there is a difference (someone mentioned this but haven't googled enough yet) plus oil pan gasket decides to seep out oil when its not even 6 months old and the oil level is still good and oil still clean

3. I am currently using p2p a 92 ECU for an auto EX 99-00..everything was wired correct/neatly. Had to source terminal pins from junk yard NO ONE carries them around here. in the write up I followed it mentions going from 3 wire on the IACV to 2. THEN a second write-up says automatics use 3 wire. And to leave it..that leaves me running knock, pressure switch, and vtec solenoid directly to ecu with my regular stock y7 harness..

4. Still missing an 02 sensor - does this cause vtec to not engage/ system failure? due to CEL?

Also noticed a SMALL coolant leak coming from ECT plug its actually coming through the plug itself - my fault - amazon special. What scares me is the small oil coming from the corner of the block/head on passenger side of engine so while valve cover was off I checked head bolts which were unusually loose..Torqued in order again to spec which slowed possibly stopped leaked..

those are my main issues with this mini me or "vtec conversion" whatever you want to call it..

Sorry for the rant...came this far and spent an unnecessary amount of money for something so simple in theory...but I've learned a lot haha.

If anyone reads this and wants pictures etc valve cover is off etc. off today so will be at it for a good minute.


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Nice.... Am about to do the same conversion... But am in Jamaica so it's a d15b with a d16y8 head

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If theres no oil going to the head, I would assume that would cause the VTEC system to not operate correctly, which, now I am assuming this here, could cause a VTEC fail code....

I would figure out the oil flow to the head thing first and foremost. Maybe the port is plugged with a little piece of rag? The oil resitrictor for the VTEC heads is under the rocker assembly. You can remove it and inspect for blockage without removing the head.
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