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ok the set-up is going in this weekend as long as my oil lines come on friday.

here's the set-up:

d15b7 130k
t25 turbo
dsm blue top injectors
resistor box
hf mani
adapter plate
o2 housing
2.5 exhaust
1989 supra fmic
2.25 charge piping
tunertoys oil line kit
ngk bkr7e's
castrol gtx 5w30
vacuum lines and tee's
autometer boost gauge
autometer air/fuel ratio guage
1g dsm BOV
tuned by a freind (not sure what program)
aem filter

what kind of #'s should this set-up net me?
its a small turbo @ 7-8 psi


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myHonda1's predictions sound about right; look into a z6 (or atleast a mini-me) and a 14b turbo; that t25 is gonna have a pretty weak top end (personally, i don't think the 14b top end is very good either...)

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d-series boosted are cool.
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lol mid to low 15s??? that doesnt sound right since i ran mid 15s with my old y8 coupe not turboed or built or stripped... im predicting mid 14s as well if you drive well

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max of around 175-180whp. maybe mid to low 15's IMO.

got any pics?
dude when i read this i was about to cry lol.. my uber heavy gst spyder (3650lbs+) with bolt ons ran a [email protected] with a 2.6 60ft when it was 115*F on the track.. so a car that weighs almost 1500lbs less well do better
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