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I recently sourced a z6 transmission that I was planning
on swapping but I decided that I would take it apart first
and replace seals and bearings while taking a look at what
I had to work with. I got the case apart and found that
everything was surprisingly clean. I got really excited
(the trans was free) and started to put everything away.
Then I figured I would take a closer look (this is the first
trans that I've taken apart) and I saw that around where
the magnet rests there was a large chunk of metal. I scooped
it out and started looking for where it could have came from.
As it turns out, a little piece of the fifth shift fork had broken
off. It's the itty bitty smaller end of the fork. It's so thin, I'm
not surprised that it broke, although, I don't know how you
would go about breaking the fifth fork, but, anyways... My
question is, is this safe to run like this? I'm sure there isn't
going to be a lot of stess on fifth, but I don't want to take
any chances. I found a place that sells just that one fork
for $40, but $40 is really a lot for me right now (broke)
because as it stands, I still need to purchase the seals/bearings.
Any help/info/insight would be greatly appreciated. I can post
up some photos, if that would help/matter.

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It looks like I was looking at the diagram wrong. It is the
3rd/4th Shift fork that is broken. I was looking at two
different Honda Auto Parts sites and they had two different
diagrams with different descriptions along with different
part numbers. This is my first one, so, yeah. The price difference
isn't that bad though. The 3rd/4th fork is $50. I was wondering
though, is it possible to swap forks between models? For
instance, can I use a 3rd/4th fork from a d15banything/etc.?
I'm curious because then I could go to the local recycler and
pull the transmission apart over there and get the piece that
I need (instead of paying $250 for the entire thing). I could
probably even stick it in my pocket and walk away (FREE! :twisted: ;) )
Should definitely head over to the recycler tomorrow morning.
They have to all be the same. Plus, that way I know that I'm
getting the right one. I can't even make out what the online
parts place's diagram is trying to depict.

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Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I think that
the tranny that is in the car now probably has a broken
3-4 fork. Maybe? I don't know if it's common or not.
It shifts alright at low RPMs, but always grinds up high.
Right now I have to sit there and wait for that heavy
ass, stock flywheel to slow down so I can match revs
to shift without crunching. It makes me cringe. I'm
probably way off. :? Non-existent clutch probably doesn't
help though. I need to get this thing together already.
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