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ok, ill start of with the basics. i picked up a 97 hatch that has a full d15z1 swap. jumped to obd1 obviously. car was on a stock p28 and it just ran terribly. pulling about 48mpg average but threw cel when going wot for more than 5 -10 sec or so.
driving my 200+whp H2B del sol, then getting into my z1 is just a joke so
i decided its time for some boost. picked up a z6 head and arp's. and a y8 trans.
got a .50 turbo.
motor has unknown miles, but with a chip i made on crome got it to run allot better and it uses no oil and motor runs smooth. so i hope boost goes well.
i will be using z6 intake mani and tb. 550cc injectors.

my questions are:
i have a tapped z6 oil pan. will that bolt right on using the z1 oil pick-up?
and are these z1's known for taking boost decently? I have plenty of turbo d experience, just not with the z1. i plan to run probably 10psi on 93 pump gas. not shooting for any hp numbers. just wanna make it up hills without dropping into 2nd gear, and have it be a little more enjoyable is all..
and info or tips from anyone who has this setup would be awesome. thank you in advance.
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