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Factory 13" replacements

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Bought this 90 hatchback a few months ago and I just noticed that the tires, which have plenty of tread, are really old ('08). So, not having planned for new wheels just yet, I'm just buying tires for the factory 13" setup.

Currently it has 170 70 r13. My question is whether I can go with a wider tire on the same factory wheel. I've seen some all seasons available in 175-185 for 13", but I want to know if it's advisable/not for any reason. If I can, then any brand recommendations? So far I've only turned up the usual: Kuhmo, Hankook, etc... While I plan on keeping this a mostly stock daily driver, I will gradually upgrade my suspension components for overall better handling for my frequent road trips. So, if I can should get a better performing tire please let me know.

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185/60/13 or 175/70/13 if you can find them, inflate to 45 psi.
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Actually I mis-stated the factory size, I already have the 175's. So, I'm looking for 185's then. Found 60's, but only in racing/track tries so far. 70's are available in touring series, which is more my speed. Thanks for your guidance, much appreciated!

Maybe not factory '13 steel, but here is 13' 7J setup with 200/540 R13 slick tyre :D

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