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Hi all!, Iam new here and really like the look of this forum, i have been on another one for a year now and though i learned alot cant take anymore of the d16 bashing iam getting. I have a 94 hatch with d16z6, i have been doing alot of work to this car and iam enjoying learning as i go along. I constantly get the usually replies to my questions on upping the power..."fit a b16" ahhhhhh!! iam so sick of this. I know the b16 is superior to the d16 and stock yeah it is better by bout 30bhp, and i think it is a great engine no question. But i have been hearing this shit for a year and i keep telling them an engine transplant is not a good option to me...i live in Scotland NOT the us, i have zero places i can go for a transplant and it is beyond me to do it myself. I want to make my car as good as i can for fun and for experience (thats what the whole modding scene should be about) not dissing me and my "weak" engine. If i wanted more power id go buy an impreza(#1 power car round here..i hate em no fun to drive). In the uk it is rare to take a honda past the usuall light bolt on mods and especially so with a sohc..i want to do it and smoke some b16's along the way. :D
Yo sorry for the long intro, just had to let you know where i was coming from. Ok here is my plan at the moment. I have another d16z6 as a spare and so as it being worked on i have an engine in my car. These are my plans and goodies i have for it...
Port/polished head,skunk2 s1 cam,sk2 valves, sk2 retainers/valve springs/cam gears.Skunk2 intake mani, bored tb, itg cai,aem fuel rail/filter/aem fuel reg/b+m dial bigger injectors 350cc (i think).JE pistons/rings ,10:1 cr,Eagle rods, goin to have the crank(i think u guys say stroker) lightened new barings etc,8lb act flywheel,exedy clutch,just changed tranny to used one with 64k on it, arp head bolts, block guard, stock engine gasket set(is this a mistake?) hks ign amp,dc 421 header, cat removed full exhaust ,aluminium rad,modded p28 for this setup.
Sorry to list all that crap but its so you know exactly what i got. Now i was goin to add nitrous to this setup that was the plan, trying to make a strong engine to take a big shot, but now ive changed my mind i want some F/I action!! and ill save the cash for that, i have been looking at sites in the us with turbo kits and i want to go that way now as i think itll be better in the long run, + there is NO turbo civic around in this country ( so i can surprise people on the track hehe). Iam thinking turbo/ic,vafc and get my ecu changed for it. Or get a supercharger, I hardly see any one using a supercharger in a civic so why is this is there a problem with them?, they seem way less popular in the us scene than turbo, but for me a sc looks easier to fit (or am i way off). Sorry again for my ramblings, tried to cover it all..
Basically i need to know what is best for my setup? and what is or maybe wrong for it?, i want to be able to fit the F/I setup myself and have a major lack of resources and companies close to me who can help.The Greddy kits look straight forward and are looking like the favourite right now. I want it to be a daily driver and street racer rather than built for 1/4 mile, with decent reliability. I dont need loads of boost as i will be streaks ahead of the competion if i pull this off, but how far can i safely go. Thanks for listening and i hope you feel my d-series love. Peace Dee.
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