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Thats wayyyyyy off.The one drunkinmaster posted has a smaller opening.On alot of cars like saabs some dsm,audi,vw,They have a clamp on style bov.My blowoff vavle mounts like that,using a cut 1 inch heater hose and clamps.

You can use a turbo xs style mounting flange pipe that they sell on ebay like this.If your going to make your own it needs to be similar to that.I like the turbo xs style because the edge is rolled to prevent the hose from ever sliping or poping off.My bov also has a rolled edge but its metal,and it looks like your plastic one does too.

Honestly You could cut and use that evo section since you said its 3'' ID.If I did that I would upgrade to t bolts though.

edit: looked at your build thread and saw you allready have t bolt clamps.I would go for it
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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