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ESPELIR JGT500 cat-back exhaust for 92-95 Civic HB

Well, I have had the JGT500 cat-back for several months now and I absolutely love it. (Sorry guys, no sounds clips as of yet). The quality of the system is top notch and it is entirely polished stainless steel.

The sound WITHOUT the silencer is on the loud side as can be expected with striaght thru exhausts of this nature (similar design and look to APEXi N1). The exhaust note however is not raspy, tinny or resembling that angry bumble bee in a tuna can sound. this exhaust will get noticed and has a very deep yet growly tone to it. idling it still lets you know it's not stock but under wide open is when it comes to life.

now, if the sound is too much for you or you require something quieter, then the silencer easily cuts the dB level in half or more. it actually quiets the system to stock levels at idle. i have yet to use my silencer when driving it so i can't really tell you what it sounds like under load. to do an impromptu test i simply revved the engine with the silencer in with the car parked. it is like night and day differnece with it in and with it out. probably the most impressive attention to detail part of it all is the silencer comes with a removal tool and also has the ESPELIR MADE IN JAPAN plaque welded to the inside of it as well. very nice touch. in addition to those, the silencer also has three spring-like tabs welded onto it to keep the silencer secure in the muffler and from banging around while driving which would eventually damage the muffler's internals. good thinking ESPELIR :)

installation is just as easy as any exhaust of this design. it fits perfectly under the bumper and comes with all neccessary hardware, gaskets and bolts. you will have to reuse your factory rubber hangers but that is to be expected with any exhaust system.

the look of the system is very nice (I have the HB unit) and ESPELIR even went so far as to try and give a bit of the angled look while still maintaining the over-the-axle design of the original Honda exhaust system. as you can see in the pics below, it isn't much of an angle but it is noticeable when looked at frm behind and to the side. ive read many stories about people with the APEXi N1 HB system which goes under the subframe which allows contact with the ground and objetcs going under the car. the muffler itself has avery large and aggressive design to it. the polish job on mine was excellent and when washed and dried, you WILL notice this exhaust from behind the car. i especially love the N1 look of it and how all the muffler ends and tip are straight cutand not angled (an aspect i did not particualiry care for on the S2 Mega Power). the ESPELIR name is pressed into each side of the exhaust tip and the name plaque is welded to the bottom of the muffler right by the tip.

im sure you're asking why a Skunk2 label-whore like myself doens't have the Mega Power exhaust. well, i HAD purchased one but it must have been packed on a Friday at 4:30 because the lackies put a coupe system in a HB box. after much confusion I was offered an ESPELIR which they had in stock so i grabbed up th chance to have a real JDM exhaust. one design aspect i love about the JGT over the Skunk2 is that the resonator on the mid-section is tapered at each end and not a straight-cut edge like the S2. this means no hanging it up or mortally wounding it on driveways, speedbumps or objects passing under the car at any speed other than a dull idle.

sorry if this isn't the most technical write up with engineering jargon and concrete scientific evidence. i cannot afford the dyno runs to get HP numbers so I am going on the experience i have with it driving and installing it. this is a sick exhaust system and if you are going to spend the bucks, I'd recommend this one hands down.

pics of it can be seen in my showcase thread here:
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