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here is a basic engine removal write up i thre together, i am planning to add pictures sometime in the near future

if you have anything to add feel free, thanks

the most important thing for a first timer is to just go slow dont rush and make sure youve got everyhing unhooked

unhook the batt
unhook the fuel line from the filter or the fuel rail after you releive pressure
unhook the vacuum lines that connect from the body to the intake and from the brake master to the intake
then start unplugging the wirign, start at the starter and just unplug everything, unhook the three connectiors at the drivers side fender and start feeding the harness through to the pass side then flop it over the fender
unhook the 3 or so grounds that go from the body to the motor or tranny
undo the shift linkage from the transmission under neath
unbolt the one bolt 12mm head and then pull the clip off and use a 5/16 drill bit to drive the pin out
remove the radiator and fan assy
remove the exhause manifold
unhook the clutch line or unbolt the slave and flop it out of the way, dont bend the metal part of the line
drain the transmission
unhook both outer tie rod ends and lower ball joints, after you take off the wheels of course
pop the cvs out of the transmission and support them, no need to remove them from the spindles
unbolt the through bolt on the back mount, then remove the three attaching bolts and shimmy that mount out of the way
attach your lifting chain, i like to go around the drivers mount and then hook to one of the solid looking transmission brackets on top of the transmission, the one i use i beleive holds the clutch line, you should remove the distributor to prevent possible damage
attach your hoist to the lifting chain and lift until the chain is slightly tight
remove the three to four bolts attacching the bracked to the front of the engine below the exhaust manifold
do the same to the one on the front of the transmission, you can leave them both hanging in the body brackets they are in
at this point you should only have the two side mounts keeping you from removing the engine/trans assy
make sure you have adequate tension on the hoist
remove one of those last two bolts and then the other
begin lifting the motor out, you will likely need someone to run the hoist while you guide the assy out
lift up so it is about 4-6 inches above its mounting location and do a double check for any wiring that may have been mistakenly left attached
slide under and make sure you are free of the cv shafts and anything else
if it all checks out continue lifting and guiding and before you know it you will have the engine out

that is for an eg, efs are very slightly different as they have one mount directly in the middle of the front instead of two on either side

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^^^ LOL did you start this cause of me??? LOL Good write up

my name says Guest, but Im really a MEMBER
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yes, pics or at least a different format or something. It's hard to read.

Besides it's not that serious. Remove everything so the engine can be pulled and pull it. I have a theory that pulling the head might make it easier, but have never done it.

The biggest thing is to crank the tranny bolts loose and remove the crank pulley bolt. As well as DRAIN ALL THE FLUIDS. O yeah, if your going to take off the head crack the head studs loose too. Trust me, this shit will be a bitch when the motors out of the car.

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well i just got mine out had one connector i couldn't get off i think it is the oil presser sensor it is right above the oil filter so i just slowly jacked it up and made sure the harness didn't catch on anything
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