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I just installed an LC-1 this weekend, and I'm having a strange issue with an intermittent CEL. When I first start the car, everything seems fine, and the CEL is off. However, once I'm driving for 5-10 min, I'll suddenly see it on. Sometimes it will stay on for the rest of the trip; sometimes it will only be on for a few minutes.

When I pull the trouble codes, it complains about the oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor heater circuit, and ELD. My first thought is that I have a short somewhere, but I can't find any exposed metal. My wires look well insulated, and I've wrapped all of my cheapo Radio Shack connectors with electrical tape. It's also kind of strange because I have the oxygen sensor heater circuit disabled via my EPROM. If I monitor oxygen sensor voltage, it's usually 3.8 V, even when it should be fully warm. Sometimes it will behave normally and bounce around 0.5 V, but that's not always the case.

Does this only indicate a short, or could I be overlooking something? Since this only occurs when the car is in closed loop, I'm assuming that it has something to do with my wiring... but I'm not sure what.

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