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well here is the storie of some races will try to upload some videos

EK d16z6/y7 head running 7 psi on dx tranny

well i had a couple of races in the last weeks
first i ran a 00 civic si i beat him by like 3 cars b16a2 with
i/h/e i dont know if he had any other stuff but it was fun race ....

i also ran a d-series na 96-coupe that turn out real bad for the guy :D all i can say is i won by alot

here comes the best for last i race a EG B20 with b16a head crv-v-tec
he has str cam gears
dc headers
skunk2 intake manifold
gsr tranny
i think thast pretty much what he had i was thinking i was gonna loose n from the start i was like dam i lost the guy jump on me 1 1/2 cars i was like wtf then i i fuck up in my shifting in 2 gear i was like his gone fuck ... but then i starting catching up n as i am rigth next to him he looks at me n i telling HIM BYE with my hand beat him by the car 1 1/2 he left me pretty fun

i think my car my car is alot faster than it looks but couple things are holding it back like i have 3 ich dp with 2.5 all way to back with stock exaust lol ......
also my car is not tuned yet waiting on finding a good tuner in la
i still have stock fuel pump havent even bother install the 255 walbro fuel pump

i am gonna raise the boost to 14 PSI when i get tuned DD i am gonna post a video of the guys b20 vs a typr -r TEG as soon as i learn to upload videos
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