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Cheers Guys, car needed some repair work when I got it, was involved in a front end collision, had to replace the hood, and rad support, managed to repair the front bar. The picture you see in the first post is the end result.
Turbo was surprisingly cheap I agree.

I've found a rebuilt GT2860RS for sale on FB market place....tempted to get it, it's $750AUD, and store it for a built motor swap down the track...

Next short term plan is getting some suspension...I've been reading that the Koni Yellow/Ground Control setup is great. Is that still the route everyone goes?

Car isn't a daily driver, more of a drive-whenever/motorkhana/hillclimb/track come and try days car. Does have street registration.

The gt28 is great (y) (y)
Can't go wrong with that suspension setup
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