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This should be good info for people like me who want stock seats but have an inconvenient year civic. Rails and brackets might be different on other years but the theory should be the same. The plan is to cut the non critical nubs circled in red, then drill out the rivets and spot welds circled in blue. The holes don't quite line up perfectly on the rails so I have to drill some new ones. I think with the adjustment holes on the ends of the rails they might end up being pretty close to stock seat height.
2017-02-18 09.21.56 by Anomolix, on Flickr
2017-02-18 09.22.15 by Anomolix, on Flickr
2017-02-18 09.33.24 by Anomolix, on Flickr
I broke 4 bits drilling out the rivets and spot welds....There are 14 total. If you want to minimize hitting the end things with a hammer and risk bending the slider make sure you get right in the center of the rivets and spot welds that way one side of an off center hole isn't holding them on while you're trying to remove them.
2017-02-18 12.20.47 by Anomolix, on Flickr
All done with the drilling and cutting minus the extra holes for the rails. I think I'll drill into the slider and use the existing holes in the rails instead of vice versa. I'm a little guy so I'll be using the furthest back holes to allow me the most forward movement. If I don't like it I have extra holes to use for mounting spots.
2017-02-18 12.08.28 by Anomolix, on Flickr
2017-02-18 12.09.06 by Anomolix, on Flickr
The actual seat bracket didn't quite line up so it took some coercing.
2017-02-18 15.34.58 by Anomolix, on Flickr
Annnd did not anticipate this, as you can see the EG sliders are too wide to fit onto both sides. I'm still trying to figure out how to get both sides mounted. I'm thinking just a piece of steel and drill some holes in it so it can fit between the empty space, and that would definitely work but there would be sagging on one side since it's just 2 bolts on the ends of a piece of steel. Maybe if I use a square piece instead of a flat bar and connect it to all three holes on the rail it will help prevent the tilting. Who knows, I'm open for suggestions.
2017-02-18 16.02.35 by Anomolix, on Flickr
Overall I like it. I am able to get the seat much closer and previously the seats were only bolted on one of the oem mounting holes. This with only 1 side of the rail connected is still way more rigid than before. Only issue I have is that they sit a bit high, but I'm thinking I can bend the front tab a tiny bit forward so it will clear the bolt once it's mounted since that's what's preventing me from using the top hole to get the seat a little lower. It's pretty much done minus the 4 brackets to accommodate for the width. It got dark so I'll post the fitment picture tomorrow and the actual finished project as soon as it's done.
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