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Our 93-94 hatches with dohc zc engine..
Stock Engine D16A9 ( Turbo coming soon )
Megan Headers
60mm Custom Exhaust Pipes
Custom Exhaust
Jun Chipped Ecu
Skunk2 Short Shifter
3D APC Euro Dash
Glow Gauges
Spoon Mirrors
Mugen Wrrs Rep Front Lip
TYC Headlights
18" Hiojin Wheels, 215/35/18 Toyo Tires
Custom Leather Seats


yellow bar for me
viper blue 92 eg
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that blue hatch is nice. so is the red one, but i just have a thing for blue. get some smaller rims and it will be sexy.
ebay pics now.

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LOL, my first thoughts were "Damn, the rims on the blue one are too big, but the red one looks fucking mint!"

I'm digging the spoon mirrors though. Definitely look better than the stockers, but they're just so damned expensive!
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