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EG climate control into CRX

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Tired of ridiculously high prices on ebay for your CRX climate controls? Have no fear! I have seen the post on the accord controls but those knobs tend to break and that seemed like way too much work. Instead, I went with 92-95 EG climate controls with the sliders. Surprisingly this was very simple to do.

First we need 2 simple parts and both can be had on ebay. I got lucky and found both the harness AND the control unit for 35 bucks shipped.

EG harness

At this point go ahead and cut the green plug off the EG harness and prep it for wiring. I used butts but this is not a debate of what to use so before anyone says anything....shoosh! You can use butt connectors, tape it, solder it and tape, crimp caps, wire nuts I don't care whatever you think works.

This next part will be edited for wire colors tomorrow. Basically they are all the same except 2. A tan wire on the crx harness goes to the yellow wire of the eg harness and a green/white on the crx goes to the green/yellow of the eg. The rest are all the same and yes, I checked them.

No cutting or spicing of the fan speed control is needed. This is a DIRECT plug in.

One simple mod to the EG control needs to be made for the cable mount. Here you can see where I cut off the mount.

And this is where it gets placed. I had to drill one hole in the unit for the zip tie. One zip tie should do the trick. No modifications to the cables or cable ends need to be made.
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As you may have noticed, the control unit is upside down at this point. all you need to do is flip it over and position the cables as needed.

To mount the unit use the stock eg screw hole mounts and drill a small hole in each side of the cross brace on the CRX console as pictured. The hole needs to be as close to the backside of the brace. (yes I know mine is all bent to shit lol )

This is a view from the underside. Here you can see the cables and also note the brace I added to the bottom. This is a simple radio backstrap and really helps the stability.

Thats it! You may need to adjust the unit before final assembly but it came out pretty good imo. The only downside I see is the lower slide controls are a bit close to the dash trim but its very functional, full range of hot and cold are reached and this could easily be done in under an hour.

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Thank you!

Thank you!
Beautimus, Beauuuutimus. My Sir control is all cracked to shit so I may have to try this til I get a new JDM unit. +8 for a great write-up.
awsome write-up!
looks great, im going to try this one day :p
+3 for you :TU:
vurey nice
looks good in there
looks good! another great alternative to the CRX OEM controls!
damn i was looking for the sotck one now that is see this... im going to junk yard 2morrow......
it dosent look like it fits too well do you have some better pics of it in there?
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised the 'rex has a new radio :lol:
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised the 'rex has a new radio :lol:
Haha no thats actually on old radio. It does however have 2 12's and 3600 watts true power. Yeah she bangs, she bangs, ohhh baby. Thanks all for the input. I will update those wire pinouts tonight. Left the sheet here at work. Now that I'm at work, the harness plug is at home doh! As for fit, I think it looks damn good!
only issue I can see the CRX pureists having is the grey color.
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