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There is 2 parts to this, a fix to prevent the climate control from breaking in the first place, and a ghetto fix for one that is already busted up.

The prevention fix is easy, it just requires a piece of paper (or other shim) and some zip ties. You just want to add support to the temp control knob so it doesnt flex back and forth so much and end up breaking. I do this by adding a shim that is a tight fit between the 2 sections, then putting a couple zip ties around the whole thing to pull it in tight. I have found this to be very effective at stopping breaks from occurring.

The ghetto fix is just superglue, baking soda, and a black sharpie marker, it isnt pretty, but it will get you back up and running, this one was busted to crap when I got the car:

I might add one of those ebay "repair" face plates in the future like this one: 1988 1991 Honda CRX Climate Control Repair Plate AC Heater Layover | eBay

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