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CRX ECODiesel Ram
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I picked this up to go with my Edelbrock Performer X manifold on my d16a6.

I am running a 0.040" milled head, pg6b pistons, crane 0012 cam, isky valve springs, skunk2 alpha header, plm test pipe, s300 etc to go with it all.

These are hard to find, not sure that Edelbrock makes them any more. Initially it looks great, very much like a large stock throttle body. It even has a nice block off plate and hardware to not use the FITV. Installation just like stock, nice thick gasket included.

Then once I ran it...not so great. I could never get it to idle below 1100rpm even with the idle adjuster all the way in. Test drive and it would hang open as well leaving me "idling" at 3k rpm.

Finally took it off and saw it was hanging on the edge of the throttle plate on the side the throttle rotor is on. Took the plate out and lightly filed down the edge on that side, and polished the bore of the throttle body with 1k grit sandpaper. That seems to have solved all the issues.

With my mods it all seems to work together really well, though only the dyno can tell! I did go ahead and smooth over the transition to the manifold while it was all apart.

If you need the extra flow and canf ind this on a good deal (100 or less) and dont mind fixing the problems its worth it.
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