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hello friends, i search somes infos for make my d16a8 turbo. first sorry for my bad English i speak french normally. i have somes questions for make about 300 HP not more.i want to be safe.

i have buy Scat rods, king main bearing and king rods bearing.

1 - i search pistons because vitara make a low low compression in this engine,maybe srp 149181 or 149183 ??? i don't know if i can put it in this motor ???

2- i have 440 injector does it be ok or to low ?

3- i have an ecu pm7+ostrich+hulog+wideband PLX with turboedit,BRE. can i use it or i must change for an other ?

4-the gearbox is L3, will it support 300 HP ?

i start with these questions but surely more questions :) thanks
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