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Hello everyone,

I have a JDM D15B 3 Stage VTEC engine in my Canadian 2000 Civic Si (EX in America - EJ8). Head code is P2J-6 with side stamp 95 and has the dual solenoid VTEC. The ECU is a OBD2b HONDA#-P2P-C12 which is the stock ECU for the D16Y8 that originally came in the car. The intake is also a P2J-000 with the EGR valve on it. Transmission is the S40 with H5E engraved on it just below the distributor (If that counts for anything).

I'm currently in the planning phase of whether or not I want to build this motor. My goal is between 250-300hp with a turbo. Everything is stock on the motor except for the header and intake. It has a AEM intake & filter and what is possibly a Chikara header from hedman headers.

First thing I wanted to do was get this ECU problem addressed because I'd like to have the 3 Stage VTEC hooked up properly (And maybe find a way around the EGR valve not being hooked up). If I'm not mistaken, the only ECU that I know of that connected this VTEC properly (on OBD2) was the P2J-003 (P08 for OBD1). So I'm wondering if I should try and buy this ECU or convert the motor to OBD1 and either get a chipped P28 with IAB or a chipped P72 with a P08 map and just tinker with that to set proper values that represent the use of the 3 Stage VTEC. If I were to just get the P2J-003 and save the hassle, would I be able to tune it with Hondata or something and get a performance tune for turbo? Right now on the P2P-C12 ECU, VTEC kicks in at 5500 RPM.

I'm aware of some of the support issues for this motor in regards to pistons and rods but I just want to see if it'll be worth it. The car's already lighter than stock because the previous owner swapped out the OEM hood for a fibre glass one. I don't know how many KM's the engine has (Body has 228k) but I do know it still runs strong.


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