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I swapped my 96 dx automatic D16y7 non vtec obd2 with a 95 D16z6 vtec obd1. It’s running all obd2 accessory’s and harness. y8 manifold, rail and injectors, y7 Alternator, y7 distributor. It is still automatic using the stock 96 y7 transmission and running using the stock 96 y7 non vtec ecu that has the plug in for the transmission,

I’m wondering what ecu I would need to keep it automaticand still be vtec? I have a few vtec ecus for manual civics but none of them have the port for the transmission on the ecu. If I was told right the ecu has the tcm built into it. The car runs now but is very boggy like no power from a stop and suddenly kicks in the higher rpms and it does need a new trans it slips when going from second to third like I pressed a clutch lol, but other than that it starts up and idles up and down for about 30 seconds then idles great and in park can rev out completely with no bogging

vtec is not hooked up until I figure out what ecu I need and I’m changing to a vtec harness instead of splicing into the ecu and I know the trick to clear the cel because of not having the knock sensor.
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