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Dyno time

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We'll guys looking to hit 300whp :skull: today @ 6pm on dynojet? street tuned yesterday night with survian. (Vtec) is working properly now lets see if this d16y8 can handle it on a stock bottom end??????:eek:

Note: will show dyno graph later tonight!!!
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I've never met the guy, but servion's rep precedes him. 340hp 305 tq On stock sleeves...

I'd say he know's what he's doing. As for the 13:1 AFR, I don't know how he was measuring, but he's a tuner that reads the plugs to see how the engine's doing... Also, once you've hit MBTT, you can pull fuel and add timing safely
is 340whp on sotck sleeves pushing it or something?
If is wasn't for my 5psi spring I could of hit 300whp safely by Servion. On stock sleevs. Yes I'm using arp's that's the weakest part of the motor head bolts...
Was he using a tail pipe sniffer??????? like it was posted before they read leaner and really its not good practice to tune with you'll get a much better tune off the d/p. I would be easy on that car till you get back there
You said its stock. The weakest point will be the rods. Not to mention the Y8 oiling issues.
You said its stock. The weakest point will be the rods. Not to mention the Y8 oiling issues.
actually the weakest point would be the head bolts.But I got arp's in , as for the oil pump it works fine untill you get over 7300rpms. :hammer:
about the 13:1 A/F talk ..

there's a difference if you put your wideband sensor in your muffler, of if you put it on your down pipe.

in the first case, your reading would be leaner ... which I believe was the case anyways ... so that 13:1 A/F measured at the end of the exhaust may as well be 12:1 or close to that if measured at the down pipe
Yestarday I was out driving around, I have a plx 300 wideband wanted to check my a/f ? As I went into boost 12.7 5psi a/f full boost 12psi 12.3 - 11.9. I also checked my plugs there looking good.So my A/F is good....
cmon Jeff, it's time for some methanol already......:beer:
cmon Jeff, it's time for some methanol already......:beer:
methanol?? Soon very very soon.....
leaners meaner, remember?

not necesarily there is a pont where if it gets to lean the flame front slows down and well less power.
I dunno if they'll go up(leaners meaner, remember?) but it will for sure be safer. Should be around 11.9 or 12:1 ...13.:1 is what NA motors should be tuned at man. Not bad power for 11lbs though. Definitely go back for a retune soon though. Remind your tuner that it's a boosted car and not an NA car lol. Keep us updated.
Leaner is not always meaner. Fuel and air do not stay mixed very well under higher pressures. In order to make sure every possible molecule of fuel that could get burned, compared to the quantity of air in the chamber, does get burned, it is generally necessary to run more than the perfect amount of fuel.
How much more fuel depends on the particular engine. Beyond that, most people add even more fuel to keep temperatures down since extra fuel with nothing to react with actually works as a fire extinquisher.

Fully understanding that ^^^^^ 1st, it is generally thought that the majority of NA engines will make best power between 13 and 13.5 A/F and still survive well. Most forced inducted engines do better in the 12:1 range since the pressures and temps are higher.

But a theoretically perfect engine would make the best power and survive well closer to 14.7:1.
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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