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Dyno time

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We'll guys looking to hit 300whp :skull: today @ 6pm on dynojet? street tuned yesterday night with survian. (Vtec) is working properly now lets see if this d16y8 can handle it on a stock bottom end??????:eek:

Note: will show dyno graph later tonight!!!
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your TQ falls pretty bad after 6300 RPM ..
about the 13:1 A/F talk ..

there's a difference if you put your wideband sensor in your muffler, of if you put it on your down pipe.

in the first case, your reading would be leaner ... which I believe was the case anyways ... so that 13:1 A/F measured at the end of the exhaust may as well be 12:1 or close to that if measured at the down pipe
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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