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Hey everybody! Well Im finally actually posting in a forum after years of using various ones for various reasons. I have always done a lot of tinkering with various types of different machines and gadgets, always was partial to Honda when it came to cars. Anyway I'm finding all of this extremely fascinating as I learn more about these engines and these cars. The welcome message suggests that I should post here, hence the post, but since I'm here I'll post the specfics (that I know) about this 96 Civic I recently bought just in case someone out there is able and in the mood to throw me some random useful info that I may not think to ask or look for
Here is the history of this particular honda that Ive had for a couple of months now; not my first, but ive never dug this deep with any engine.

The car is a 1996 Honda Civic DX Coupe on its 2nd engine (that I know of)
The engine is a D16Y5, which i am told (by Honda parts guy) is an HX engine.
I bought it in running condition, though not as good as I had hoped- speaking of the whole car, not the engine. I have to admit I bought it without much scrutiny, based on some guy's word that there were no major issues and the fact the engine 'seemed good,' before I knew what a leakdown test even was (as an example) - not a fact i'm proud of but oh well it happened.

I just had to change the HG on this car...but it is now running better than I had seen it run and they didnt even service the head. I have a feeling someone installed the old one without proper cleaning beforehand or bad resurfacing, maybe even a piece of grit was in it..its still a bit of a mystery....anyway I have become quite intrigued during this process, these are interesting cars and I am really liking the idea of fixing it up.
No question to ask here at the moment but I certainly don't mind any tips or suggestions in general. Still need to check/adjust valve lashing for 3 of the cylinders right now in fact.Thanks for all the great info I have been quietly reading here behind the scenes. Much of it has been quite valuable. I'll try to save questions for when I am less tired.
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