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First off. What I did what was at my own risk. I felt the operation went very smoothly, so I decided to post my research, and progress of this project. If you feel your incapable of doing this, DO NOT RISK IT! I am not liable of any injury's or damages.

Well now. I was rather upset I decided to go aginst my parents will and take the head off my car. It needed a new headgasket anyways. I have a newly purchased KMS Dual Valve springs and Titanium retainers. So, I decided I was going to take them out. and this is how I did it:

6 in C clamp (I recommend 1 just a little bigger, bit the 6 in worked wonders)
Needle nose pliers (to grab keepers)
Magnetic screwdriver, with piece of metal on it (to pick off Keepers easly)
small flat head screwdriver (used to jiggle keepers to come off)
hard paper (used to catch keepers)
And a strong, yet widthy Piece of metal

Process: Have head on its side

Strip the head down till you have the loabs, and valve assembly left. Get the C clamp, and Put part that is non adjustable on the valve face, and the Screwing part inside head. Conjure it up so when you screw the C clamp together, it will go DIRECTUALLY OVER IT. Now here is the most important part, and hardest to put on. The piece of metal that is NOT INCLOSED. You need the hole opened to get the keepers out. Here is what mine looks like

Not very big. It was auctually a piece of metal to hold Curtain rods up
Here it is in action

I have it to the side to show you. DO NOT SCREW DOWN CLAMP LIKE THIS. You want to make sure you keep it Over as much as possible on top of the valve springs. When you have the metal piece in place, start screwing down. I recommend putting a towel or something over the Valve face. As you start to screw down, you'll hear a small to loud snaping sound. Sometimes it will be hard to turn the C clamp. If it gets too hard...your in trouble. I had a Bitch of a time on 1 valve spring. after I took the valve spring off, I tried to push the valve threw the valve seal, it got stuck. Means 1 thing. Its bent :(

Anyways, After you feel the valve spring give away, and hear the snap noise, you'll notice the keepers may be up. I started to use the needle nose plires, and got fed up and used a magnetic screwdriver. Some times they will Break free from the magnetic field, or use the little screw driver to push them over, reachable with the magnetic screwdriver. As I did, I missed my hand and the keeper drop somewhere in my head. I was looking for 20 minutes for 1, and an about 30 for another. (had to take my Vtec sylinoid off to get at it) This is an easy way to keep it from falling and getting lost. If you lose it, dont take off anymore valve springs till you find it.

You may be able to see the keeper on the paper. Remember, hard paper that wont suck when its oily.

After you remove all the valve springs, make sure you have 32 keepers (for 16 valve engines) If not. start looking. If you have them all, Push all the valves out. But not all the way. You want to make sure they move freely with out restriction. If all are good, Your valves are groovy :TU: If not, More than likly its bent. I some what knew 1 of mine would have been, because I snapped a cam. To easly test it, Put the valve on a flat hard surface, and roll it slowly. Imagine it as a Pool stick. If it rolls strait your good. If not, well...Why not up grade?

And thats how to take them out. To put them in, I'd recommend using the tool you need to use. Its a pain trying to get both keepers back into its place.

I was out side for 4 hours, and couldent feel my toes threw 2 layers of socks. so I took it inside

It is really not a hard project to do. It was rather fun to be honest. I hope this helps anyone out in anyway. Thanks for looking

Dustin_crxsi from

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The valve springs that I have are strong as fuk! And their Dual valve springs. I pushed down my stock Dual valve springs, and the shits the new ones are very nice. KMS FTW!
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