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well being that this is my first post here id like to say whats up to all.
and maybe i should explain what kinda car and engine i have.
well i have a 89 crx si with a sohc zc with a z6 head.
i have i/h/e and an msd ignition set up. v-tec is controlled by msd switch
and i'm running a zc ecu and trans.

Well the issue i'm having is when i'm just cruising down the street at partial throttle and then i hit the gas it just falls flat on its face. when i take off and stay on the gas its fine. its just while i'm cruising . i just replaced my cap, rotor, plugs, and o2 sensor. granit after all that she does run better it just didn't fix my issue.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.........
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