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Hello.I'm 19 and I just bought my first honda a few weeks ago. I've already fixed a ton of small things on it and now I want to do something a little more advanced. It's a '90 civic hatch with a d15b1. I want to make it a little faster and I heard converting it to MPFI makes quite a difference. I don't know if it matters but I'll add that it has a short ram intake as well. Can anyone tell me all that I need and what to do with it. If more info is needed feel free to ask.
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injector plugs distributor plug resistor box injectors distributor intake manifold with throttle body and all the senors and basic wiring knowledge, i have some of the parts needed pm me for more info....a detailed list of parts here----->DX,STD (DPFI) -> Si,HX (MPFI) wiring
Thanks!I'm probably going to be referencing that list alot. I have a way better idea of what I'm doing now and I'll hit you up if I need anymore info. I'll post pics of my ride I took the day I bought it, but I'll admit it's not pretty.lmao. It's a work in progress.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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